Michelle Mackey

Bootlegger, 2012, latex primer and shellac on wooden panel, 42"x 47"

The current series is based on a gas station in West Dallas where Clyde Barrow's family used to live.

(of Bonnie and Clyde infamy)

The old station is boarded up and unmarked.

This benign neglect, allows me to study the layers of mythology that haunt these walls.

My process is un-scientific

Somewhat alchemical

Sporadically historical Requiring occasional trespassing.

Blue Hour, 2013, Latex primer and shellac on wooden panel, 23"x 32"

Michelle Mackey grew up in Texas and received an MFA from Pratt Institute in New York. She also studied in Cortona, Italy and Taos, NM for extended periods, and has a been a resident at the Vermont Studio Center. She has had solo shows in Berlin, Germany and New York City.

Currently, (spring 2013), She is exhibiting work at Binder Fine Arts in Marfa, Texas, DEEP SPACE New York in NYC, and in the group show, “Fresh Tracks” at The University of Dallas in Dallas, Texas.

Mackey was a finalist in the “5th Semiannual Competition” Dave Bown Projects in 2013; She was featured in “Curator’s Review” for the NY Art Marathon, May 2011. She was also featured as “New and Noteworthy” on Open studios Press, online edition, 2010. Mackey was the “Juror’s Choice” in New American Paintings, No. 80., NE edition. She was chosen for New American Paintings, No. 60, western edition. She is included in the flat files of Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY and is represented by Paul Sharpe Contemporary Art in NYC and Binder Fine Arts in Marfa, Texas.

Mackey splits the year between working as a scenic painter in NY (painting sets for television shows) and teaching painting and drawing at SMU in Dallas, Texas. She also contributes articles about the Dallas Art Scene for an online journal, ArtCritical.com.

Ambush Bullets, 2012, pencil, oil, latex and shellac on wooden panel, 9.5"x 20"