So, what's the deal with this so-called "art fair"?

I like the idea of satellite art fairs--art fairs that take an established thing and build off it. I did one last fall simultaneously with  the Texas  Contemporary Art Fair. And now I'm doing a very small affair at the same time as the Dallas Art Fair.

I'm hoping that the Pan Art Fair--Dallas (or PAF Dallas, as we have abbreviated it) is seen as an alternative. Showing individual artists (as opposed to just galleries) sets us apart from the usual art fair set up, for example.

Of course, I was inspired by hotel art fairs. But unlike those fairs, I only have one room (two actually--it's a suite). So the PAF Dallas is very small and kind of unofficial. I like to call it a micro-guerrilla-satellite fair.

Who are you anyway?

My name is Robert Boyd (robertwboyd@yahoo.com) and I publish The Great God Pan Is Dead. I'm very interested in art in Houston and the region. This art fair is a way for me to involve myself even further. Writing a blog is very voyeuristic, after all. The PAF Dallas  is me crashing the party.

OK, so when is it? And where?

It begins at 10 am on Saturday, April 13 and runs until 8 pm. It's at the Belmont Hotel, in a suite to be announced.